Ramadan Meal PLan
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This Ramadan, you can leave behind the weakness and lethargy, and the excess weight! 
Lose upto 22 lbs or 10 Kgs before Eid

Starve Your Body & Feed the Soul.

  • Delicious Easy to make Recipes: Using Sunnah foods, and favorite foods liked by our Beloved Prophet Mohammad (SAW)
  • Sunnahs of Prophet Mohammad (SAW): So that the acts of fasting, Suhoor, and Iftar become an act of worship, strengthening your bond and relationship with Allah (SWT)
  • Guidance of Allah (SWT) on Prayer and Good Deeds:  Watch every pound melt away with the negativity that has been weighing down your soul. Step into the EID 22 lbs pounds and 10 kg lighter.
Is Ramadan A Food Fest in Your Household?
And You Gain Instead of Losing Weight Every  Ramadan?
As the month of fasting begins, 

Do you feel the dread of low energy, fatigue, hunger and thirst?

Do you feel feel tired all day?

Scared of extreme hunger pangs multiple times a day?

And the time of Iftar and Dinner becomes a Big Night Time Food Fest with a variety of foods.
Do you spend your Ramadan in the Kitchen instead of Doing the Ibadah?
"Oh you who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you, that you many learn piety and righteousness."
Ramadan is a spiritual time of the year. Do you feel guilty about spending time cooking and cleaning instead of Praying?

As the day pass by the feelings of weakness and lethargy that come from fasting. 

Rise to the challenges that Allah (SWT) set for us during this time, and develop a healthier outlook, all while losing weight, living our best lives, and remaining balanced as we progress through this month. 
"Allah is with those who restrain themselves." Quran 16: 128.
It is no easy task when the physical restraints of the fasting are so laborious on your body.
Constant reminder of hunger various times a day, teaches you the importance of food and water and the various bounties that Allah has created for us. 
We have certainly created man in the best of stature. [Qur’an, 95:4]
What If I can tell You That This Ramadan, you can leave behind The Weakness, And Lethargy, and the Excess Weight! 
This Ramadan Become the Best Version of You that Allah (SWT) commanded you to be.

Let your gross bulging stomachs, flabby arms, and triple chins become a thing of the past!

YES! You CAN Lose Excess Weight, Especially While Ramadan Fasting.
YES! You CAN feel Revitalized and Energetic Even While Ramadan Fasting!
NO! You DO NOT have to Starve Yourself At Iftar or Work Out and Cook up a Gourmet Meal Everyday!

What would you look like on the Eid Day, 22 lbs (10 kg) lighter?
Let those gross bulging stomachs, flabby arms, and triple chins become a thing of the past!

If you already have your Eid Clothing, Resize it to 2 Size Lower. 

Imagine if you could eat and drink all of the favorite foods of Prophet Mohammad (SAW) 

And follow the guidelines of Sunnah for this month of Ramadan 

The guidelines that were laid down 1400 years ago 

Narrated, Followed and Committed to over by the generations before us in the Hadith and Sunnah of Our Beloved Prophet (SAW)

Imagine, this EID when you have already lost weight, look better, feel better Think of the blessings you could share and become a part of, the love, admiration and support that you would receive from your family and friends, who are also spiritually awakened just by witnessing you achieve your better PHYSICAL, MENTAL & SPIRITUAL HEALTH. 
Fast 2 Fit: Your Ultimate Guide To Losing Weight this Ramadan
Your Challenge to Become Healthier & Lose Weight Following The Guidance of Noble Quran & Sunnah of Our Beloved Prophet Mohammad (SAW)
29 Days to Lose 10 Kg or 22 lbs
In this Guide, You are going to Learn
Fast 2 Fit: Your ultimate Guide to Losing Weight This Ramadan
Proven Recipes, Sunnah and  Islamic way to Weight Loss and lose up to 22lbs or 10 kgs this Ramadan.
This book is an easy to follow guide for anyone that want to lose weight for the holy month of Ramadan. The book contains delicious recipes using the foods mentioned in the Noble Quran. These recipes  helps you shed weight, burn belly fat, and build muscle.

We also discuss ways of conduct during Ramadan for fasting, eating and drinking as well as Prayers so not only you lose your physical weight you strengthen your Iman and Increase your Taqwa and Piety and Consciousness of Allah (SWT). 
When all of this weight of negativity and harmful thoughts and foods is removed you become lighter physically, mentally and become stronger spiritually.
Bonus #1: Additional Recipe Book
Additional Weight Loss Meal Plan for Ramadan
The recipes that are provided in the Fast 2 Fit guide should be sufficient to last you through Ramadan. But if you are looking for more recipes that are healthy and help you with weight loss, You can look at the recipes in this additional book provided for your knowledge and understanding. 
Bonus #2: Ramadan And Ibadah Chart.
Ramadan and Ibadah Charts

Print  the Ramadan and Ibadah Charts to track your: 
1. Salah - 5 Daily Prayers
2. Special Intention and Dua for Allah (SWT)
3. Quran Recitation 
4. Wudu
5. Taraweeh.
Bonus #3: Hadith of the Day Workbook
Hadith of the Day Workbook

Use the Hadith of the Day workbook to learn only one Hadith from this book. And write and reflect in your own words your takeaway from it. 
1. Write the Hadith from Fast 2 Fit book
2. What does the Hadith mean?
3. How can you implement the Hadith in your daily life?
It is time to stop the weight gain and food fest and start losing weight. We did the research. You follow the plan!!
I want you to practice the Fast 2 Fit Guide at my risk. Because I know it works but you don’t …yet! If you are not 100% satisfied, and I mean even 1% unhappy, I want you to immediately return it. I mean it, I don’t want your money. I value our relationship and my reputation more than Money. So please try it for next 29 days. If you try this and it does not work for you, you can come back to me for a FULL REFUND.
But you’ll never know unless you take a chance and invest in yourself.
Ramadan Begins April 12/13 2021 (InshaAllah)
Fast 2 Fit : Eat Healthy. Lose Weight. Do Good. 
It is time to stop over complicating Ramadan. 

All the Guidance for Fasting - Suhoor, Salah, Iftar, Taraweeh and Dua in One Book. 

Learn the Simplicity of the Islamic Way of Fasting, Eating, Recipes and Mindfulness and Lose Weight,  Feel Great. Fit in that perfect outfit for Eid. 
Fast 2 Fit : Give this plan a try for 29 days
Lose over 22 lbs or 10 kgs
When You Purchase the Fast 2 Fit Guide
  •  Recipes using the Foods mentioned in the Quran and Hadith
  •  Conduct of Fasting, Prayers, Eating, and Mindfulness
  •  Practical ways to implement the guidance of Quran
  •  Melt away weight. Lose upto 22 lbs and 10 Kgs in 29 days!
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